Each course module consists of 24 hours of teaching during 2 weekends - price: 3800 Danish kroner (for courses in Copenhagen).

Even though these courses are normally held in Danish, explanations will be given in English if necessary, thus allowing non-Danish-speakers to participate. Alternatively, the courses can be held entirely in English if there is sufficient demand.

The teaching is intensive, with min. 4, normally max. 6 students in each class.

More information on the course leader, Henrik Hoff-Hansen, and CSS can be found here.

SHIATSU - BASIC COURSE I: Theory & practice

The purpose of this course is for the student to learn sufficient theory and practice to be able to give a complete Shiatsu massage, as well as an understanding of where in the body psychological traumas may be stored, and how these can manifest in the form of illness and/or pain. Shiatsu strengthens the immune system and blood circulation, has a stimulating and cleansing effect on the body - and gives new vitality.

We recommend that, between basic courses I and II, students give as many practice treatments as possible.


Repetition and supervision, Visual diagnosis and Introduction to Chinese herbs, vitamins and minerals


This course is for those students who have previously participated in Basic Course I. We recommend that students give as many practice treatments as possible between Basic Course I and II.

On weekend 1 the first course is repeated whereafter the students, under Henrik Hoff-Hansen's supervision, give each other a complete Shiatsu treatment. Students are also introduced to Myofascial Release, including practical exercises in the most important techniques.

On weekend 2  there is an introduction to Visual Diagnosis (Saturday) and an introduction to Chinese herbs, vitamins & minerals (Sunday).



SHIATSU - BASIC COURSE III: Treatment techniques for specific illnesses/health problems


This course is for those students, who have previously participated in Basic Courses I and II. Here treatment techniques are taught based on specific illnesses or health problems. The new techniques can be used as part of the Shiatsu treatment as learnt on Shiatsu Basic Course I. There is special focus on the following areas:  back problems, rheumatism/arthritis, menstrual problems, psoriasis,  oedema, respiratory problems, paralysis, tennis elbow, "frozen" shoulder, etc.